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ATE 28, 2021

You can search the Planet over, NO, make that the Entire Solar System, and NEVER find a more Deliciously Addicting Potato Chip than the Parmesan Ranch ones by the good folks at Great Lakes Potato Chips. Being a Michigander makes me all the more Proud and Thrilled to call this company my hometown source for chips for the rest of my/our (my wife LOVES 'EM too) lives. Few things make me so proud. Occasionally the Detroit Tigers, less frequently of late my Michigan Wolverines, and Never my family rival MSU Spartans. Sorry, Babe. Where was I? Oh yeah, back to these amazing chips. The consistency, the flavor, the smiles they create...let's just say if we lived in Timbuktu we'd travel to the Great Lakes State of Michigan to get them. But, their makers make it easy; you can order as many cases as you want online and enjoy FREE DELIVERY in the process! OMG! We've been going to our local Kroger, but on occasion they are out of stock; figures. Supply and DEMAND wouldn't ya know? Going online today and uncovering that they can be ordered DIRECTLY from the company can only be described as PURE MICHIGAN MAGIC! This first case is a surprise! When they arrive at our doorstep she is going to lose her ever loving MIND! I could extol their virtues all day, however, I've got a half-polished off 8oz. bag that needs attending to. When we retire I think we'll purchase a vast spread of land somewhere in our beloved State...where we'll name our homestead, "PARMESAN RANCH!" Meanwhile, try these, and if you don't think they are the BEST CHIPS EVER, I will personally order more for myself. As if I NEED another reason!

Reviewed by Benn & Judy Perry on Aug. 28, 2021, 6:26 p.m. | Permalink

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